Roller drawer systems for pharmacies medic Classic.

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medic Classic roller drawer system is a result of years of experience in the storage of medicines.

The roller drawers are specially designed to meet the requirements for storage of drugs.

The system is easy to assemble and combines simplicity with extreme flexibility and safety.

The open frame construction gives numerous possibilities for individual panelling solutions. It can be effortlessly expanded and adapted at any time.

The roller drawers are available in:

  • two centre-to-centre dimensions of 417 mm and 601.5 mm
  • two different height units of 105 mm and 125 mm

Additionally, all drawers can be equipped with a single-riser or double-riser for storage of large packs or bottles.

  • four different depths: 450, 750, 1000 and 1100 mm
  • three base versions: wooden base, steel grid base and acrylic base

Various organisational elements are available: longitudinal and transverse dividers, card boxes, kit soft close, etc.

The load capacity per drawer is 20 kg.

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