Display systems for optical stores. Sport and ski glasses displays.

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  • Sport shop
  • Individual panels

These innovative products are designed especially for presentation of sport and ski glasses.

You can choose between displays with individual modules like wind channel, glass advice, daylight simulation and optional iPad in various sizes and colours. The customer can make the decision by themselves, the consulting costs for the staff will be lower and impulse purchases will increase.

DEMO•POINT is a free-standing display suitable for each action area. There are two- or three-sided versions and various colours to match your corporate design. It has integrated wind channel, daylight simulation, glass presentation, polarization tests and integrated shelves. Your customer can easily try on a matching model and test it.

Individual panels are graphic panel systems from acrylic glass for easily exchangeable seasonal posters.

TUBIX CIRCO SKI is the new single rod for ski goggles with 9 or 12 holders.

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