Display systems for optical stores. Single rods for spectacles.

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  • Mini-TUBIX

The single rods in two different versions TUBIX CIRCO and Mini-TUBIX allow you to use the wall area in an optimal way and to increase the number of displayed spectacles. They are available in different capacities: 12, 18 and 24 spectacles per single rod. According to your demands you can choose between open, mechanically or electronically lockable variant, which guarantees a reliable retail security. You can use also suitable accessories such as signboards, mirrors and reduction clips, to secure smaller frames in particular.

All single rods provide maximum comfort for the customer because spectacles can be selected and placed back quite easy and comfortable.

The various designs are known not only by exclusiveness and elegance but also by reliability through their solid material.

With this perfect combination of design and functionality your frames are emphasized optimally.

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