Shop design systems for optical stores.


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  • VARIO systems
  • P.O.S. system
  • MONO wall & MONO panel
  • LINEAR system
  • LINEAR LED shelves
  • PUR 2 system
  • SLIDE system
  • B-TWEEN system

The concept-s' shop design systems are a result of many years work and experience. They can amaze with its subtlety, simplicity and flexibility. Each of them gives you the opportunity to redecorate the wall display quickly and without any efforts.

The versatile system components such as spectacle and spectacle case displays, shelves and deco vases can be fixed easily. Arranged according to your wishes and demands they provide almost endless possible combinations. So your merchandise display can be designed newly again and again.

The integrated LED illumination in some systems have a lot to offer: elegant design, perfectly underlined objects and unique look.

The simple design in combination with flexibility and high-quality materials guarantee your perfect choice.

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